A competition to Innovate Packaging Design

The now Global Student Packaging Designer of the Year competition (The SPDYs) is an (almost!) annual, not-for-profit event to find the best and brightest packaging innovators for the FMCG/CPG industries.

First Prize Winner

Of £2000 / $3000

Dousan Miao for Rice

What happens next?

13 March The Judges begin their deliberations
22 March Shortlisted entrants announced
25 April Judging finishes
01 May Category winners and overall winner announced

Best of Luck!

Industry Placements

Some of the best and brightest will be offered work placements and professional development opportunities such as with 2 Sisters Food Group and Betty & Taylors


Category #1

Opening, Resealing & Closing

Winner Jayden Newman for Dr Oetker Small Bottle

For designs that improve the consumer experience of packaging by simplifying the ability to open, close or reseal the product without the use of additional tools.

Category #2


Winner Aiden Smith for Toothpaste

For designs that improve the user's ability to dispense the product easily and simply. This may include the ability to portion a product appropriately, or may concentrate on reducing spillage or wastage of a product.

Category #3

Storage & Transportation

Winner James Pybus for Nurofen

For designs that will reduce the cost of transportation and storage of goods while still providing shelf appeal and protecting goods appropriately.

Category #4


Winner Anna Smith for Hair Dye

For designs that will reduce excessive packaging while still performing a functional capacity and maintaining appeal to the consumer.

Category #5

Visuals & Graphics

Winner Wonjae Choi for Johnsons Baby Bath

For designs that will improve shelf appeal, differentiation and promote consumer interaction, e.g improved communication of data or instructions.


  • Thomas Maxwell-Wood Crown
  • Suzie Hardy Asda
  • Patrick Poitevin Mondelez
  • Haulwen Nicholas Muller
  • Bruce Funnell Nestle
  • Dr Alaster Yoxall University of Sheffield
  • Paul Jenkins Pack Hub
  • David Tonkin 2 Sisters Food Group
  • Will Holmes Bettys & Taylors
  • Wynn Wiksell JM Smucker
  • Angela Hughes Tesco
  • Richard Smith Amcor
  • Bryan McKay Goodman Fielder
  • Lisa Pierce Packaging Digest
  • Simon Oxley Marks & Spencer
  • Liza Vernalis Campbell Arnotts
  • Dan Ahern Graphic Packaging
  • Sara Bertoncini Tetrapak
  • Cecile Boucheraoua Pepsi
  • Sanjay Patel Coca Cola
  • Paul Howells Unilever
  • Chris Padain Reckitt Benckiser
  • Angels Domenech Dow
  • Stephen Pizer Wrigley
  • Jason Goode Simplot
  • Ian Swanson Coca Cola